Currently I'm working on a project in the Mediapark in Hilversum.
The interior of the entrance building for BNN/Vara, NTR and VPRO is being renewed. I am working on a floor design right now.

As in many cases, I start with photographing everything that triggers me in the nearby environment. Here are some of them, to give an idea of my way of looking at things.

My first visit missed out on something. The pictures were too generic: I could have made most of them anywhere. This time I focused more on what made this location unique. There were lots of diagonal structures and grids. Sometimes they seemed to entertwine, and sometimes they gave friction. Also, a straight horizon was nowhere to be seen, giving a uneasiness that was characteristic. These pictures might not be as interesting photographs as the ones from the first session, but for the purpose of research more focused and useful.

More updates coming soon. Stay tuned!